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Vietnamese webhosting also attacked

It is increasingly clear that the success or failure of a person online is largely a US foreign policy decision, taken by the CIA, it does not depend on how hard working, experienced, honest that person may be, everything can be manipulated by CIA, NSA. While the identity theft racket on a harmless google competitor in India with a better 1989 jee rank has been well documented, there are other victims whose story will probably never be told online.
It is a well known fact that the Vietnam war was one of the few wars which the United States did not win and more than 40 years later Vietnamese webhosting has been relentlessly attacked with configuration changes, hacking and redirects. Just because wordpress is installed the website is being deindexed and the webmaster is complaining of many hacking problems
It is policy decision, so those opposed by NSA, CIA should focus offline

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