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Hardworking engineers forced to work as slaves as goan, indian government pampers goan prostitutes, extortionist, fraud R&AW/cbi employees

The google, tata sponsored lazy greedy indore document robber R&AW employee housewife veena, like goan gsb fraud riddhi nayak, nayanshree hathwar, naina should have remained a housewife for the rest of her life as she has nothing to do with the indian internet sector.

However as part of google, tata, Ntro, cbi, raw’s policy to encourage and reward FRAUD, CRIME, liars in the indian internet sector, BRIBE TAKING SECTION 420 FRAUD NTRO employees are falsely claiming that the indore fraudster veena who does not do any work online,does not spend any money online , is doing work online, owns the paypal accoun of her relative to pay the indore fraudster a monthly salary in a major BANKING, FINANCIAL FRAUD

This policy is responsible for many of india’s problems

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