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Several Ways That The United Nations Is Creating A difference
The United Nations can be defined as an international organization that was founded in the year 1945. It consists of one hundred and ninety-three member states it is guided by certain principles under which it follows strictly. It also accommodates its members. The member states are mainly from all over the world. Its main goal is to promote peace, security and also offer cooperation among all nations.
There are several ways through which the United Nations makes a difference in the world. One of the major ways is to maintain peace and security. They have managed to do this by sending observer missions and other sixty-nine peacekeeping documents for the past six decades. This way, they have managed to restore calm and also get the states that conflict to get out of it. They also bring countries together by signing peace treaties. In case there is a way, they may come in one way or another to bring back the normal. Apart from maintaining peace, they are also known to make peace. Conflicts between different countries have been brought to an end by the UN coming in. it comes in to help through mediation or collaborating with third parties for support. This is something that has brought changes to the world.
The UN makes a difference by consolidating peace. The peace building commission in the UN supports the efforts made for creating peace. This mainly applies to those countries that are emerging from conflicts. It will also gather international donors, financial institutions, governments, and other marshal resources to raise funds that will be directed towards peace building as well as recovery from conflict. The peace building fund has managed to support two hundred and twenty-two projects that are ongoing in twenty-two countries. They are doing this by delivering the funds fast and also offering flexible funding.
Another way through which the UN is making a difference is by preventing nuclear proliferation. This is safeguarding nuclear material. This is mainly done for peace reasons. If the nuclear material fell into the wrong hands, this would be disastrous and could also cause conflicts, war, and death. The UN, therefore, has come in to ensure that nuclear materials are regulated. They have also facilitated disarmament from countries that are using destructive chemical weapons. This is mainly done for peace.
Another major way through which the United Nations creates a difference is by combating terrorism. In 2006, the UN came up with a strategy to counterterrorism. Therefore, the government coordinates its counterterrorism efforts via the UN. The UN agencies and the programs aid other countries to fight against terrorism. This is mainly by bringing the countries across the world together to unite against terrorism. They have made treaties to fight against any kind of hostage=taking, terrorist bombings, and nuclear terrorism among other treaties.
The UN has also made a difference in fighting against the sexual violence in conflict. Most women and men are raped and violated as a method of war. The UN came in to make laws that would criminalize rape during war. They would also end impunity for those who raped by prosecuting them.

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