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I Feel So Grown Up in My Student Living Space

Figuring out which student flats in Edinburgh would be best for my life was really exciting for me. Like most people my age, I had only lived with my parents prior to starting my university years. I loved living with my parents, but it was far more exciting to realize that I am officially an adult and have the ability to live somewhere alone while I’m in school. Some people prefer to live on campus, but I prefer to live in a flat away away from school grounds because it feels like I’m living in a little property that belongs to me.

My parents told me that they were fine with me living anywhere I want to live while I’m in school. They only asked that I make sure that my final choice is safe, priced well and looks nice. Luckily, many places off campus look nice, but I found one place that is very close to my university, is inexpensive and very secure because no one can get into the building with a key unless they live there. As a female, this means a lot to me. I know that it makes my parents feel good as well.

I am one of those students who cannot have a lot of distractions when I need to study. It’s important that I do it in a quiet room with no one else around to distract me. This means that I do not want live where other students are running up and down school hallways. The flat I live in is tranquil, and I doubt that I would have that same tranquility while living on campus. While looking for places, my parents came with me to look at different locations and they helped me to pick out one that makes me happy and my parents are happy, too. I miss my seeing my parents on a daily basis, but living alone is a lot of fun.

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