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How to Choose the Right Educational Psychologist

When looking for an educational psychologist for your child, taking the first step can be a daunting task. It can be challenging for any parent when a child has some challenges with their social or learning skills. Knowing that you are not alone and finding someone that will hold your hands throughout the journey with your child is the best thing. Finding the right psychologist for your child will make everything easy and help your child successfully deal with challenges relating to their mental health and wellbeing. Many parents often feel overwhelmed and lost when looking for someone they can trust with their child’s wellbeing. The following factors will help you select a good educational psychologist.

Child psychologist referrals. Based on personal or professional experiences, your friends and family members or schools can recommend a particular educational psychologist. The ‘word-of-mouth’ is a fantastic source of information that will help you choose the suitable psychologist for your child. You will find a professional who is near you and is well experienced. However, make sure you consider your child’s different needs; not every experienced child psychologist is suitable for your child. Another essential tip you should consider is the connection between the psychologist and your child. A good connection between your child and his or her psychologist plays a significant role in their therapeutic process. Before you commit to a child psychologist, ensure that they will form a meaningful connection and fully engage with your child. A child should feel comfortable and at ease when around the psychologist. When a child is not ready to open up to a psychologist therapeutic process will not be successful regardless of the specialist training and qualifications. A good psychologist will be patient with children and be ready to engage with even the shyest or disengaged child. It might take time before your child fully engages with their psychologist; it depends on the child’s personality and how they feel when around new people. Your child may be interested in therapy or may not like it at all. If this happens, find a different child psychologist that is better suited for them.

Experience in Children’s psychology. A good child psychologist should have adequate experience working with similar clients to your child and should have a track record of quality services. Each age group can be challenging. The correct child psychologist should be able to deal with children at each different level, whether it is young children, primary school kids, or adolescents. You should beware that some psychologists specialize in some areas such as anxiety, social difficulties, or developmental disorders. Also, consider is the therapeutic approaches used. According to a child psychologist’s training and practice preferences, the therapeutic approach adopted by a psychologist might differ slightly. However, the approach utilized should work well for your child, and he or she receives the maximum benefit out of it. Therapeutic approaches used must be founded in evidence-based practices and psychological theory. Consider the factors discussed above to help you choose the right educational psychologist..

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