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two types of sauce filling machine

Npack suggest you two types of sauce filling machine, as we know the sauce filler is one kind of sauce bottling packaging equipments, the main usage of this equipment is for increaing the packing efficient, save labour. For this purpose, some sauce manufacturer will purchase a sauce filling machine or more, depends on the demand.But the key factor, as a purchaser need to consider which is the food grade rules.

The first type sauce filler we suggest is the piston sauce filler, it is a low cost, but efficient filling equipment, the users can choose muti head piston filling machine to meet the production needs. the piston filler is a volumetric dosing equipment, so the filling accuracy is perfect.The only issue is the cleaning, for a lower technology piston filler for sauce, they do not have an automatic cleaning system, and also the design structure for cleaning,no deadconer is also an key factor we need consider. The O rings will wearing out after sometimes working. all the disadvantage of the piston filler, Npack have new technologies to solve.

The second type sauce filler is the lobe pump filler, it has all the advantage of the piston filler, and the cleaning is very easy, fast, no any dead corner, also suitable for filling the sauce with granular, it is almost a perfect sauce filler for filling sauce, and viscous products, the only issue is the cost.

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