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Other than India, most asian countries do not care for google link selling restrictions

India is the only asian country where government, ntro employees work openly to increase the profit of google, In almost all other asian countries like indonesia, link sellers are flourishing, without any harassment from the government, which does not waste tax payer money to harass harmless link sellers, increase the profit of google.
Indonesia, Turkey, are primarily muslim countries and they are aware of the fact that their websites will never get many visitors from google due to serp manipulation, as the crusade between muslims and christians continues in a sophisticated manner . So the government employees in indonesia, turkey are treating the link sellers like any other exporters, and not labelling them a security threat without any proof at all like the cruel criminal indian security, ntro, cbi employees who are openly freelancing for google, tata.
In India, unidentified people have decided that like the indian IT sector, the indian internet sector will be dominated by brahmins, banias and their puppets like blackmailer ruchika king, obc bhandari sex worker sunaina, indore fraud veena, so those who are well connected are subjected to brutal identity theft frauds, wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money

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