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Why It is Beneficial to Smoke Meat at Home Most commercially sold smoked products that we find in sausage and deli meat section of our local outlets almost always come from cured parts of pork. They are derived from those popular large cuts which requires longer curing times like ham, bacon, butt, loin, back fat and smaller parts such as hocks and jowls, and the reason why most smokehouses shortened the process by needle pumping the meat to hasten the curing time. You have an advantage if you cure and smoke meat at home since you can use any type of meat and you can also cure and smoke the entire animal, and not just parts of it. Not only that, when you intend to cure the meat before smoking them, you can use healthier ingredients. When you are following the traditional way of curing and smoking, you would also want to put only those authentic ingredients or come up with your own traditional recipe. One other thing that you must always remember is that the longer you processa meat, the better the quality. Some of the high quality smoked meat products are quite expensive because of this long process. These are meat smokers that have replaced the traditional natural ingredients and natural processes to using chemicals since they hasten the process, and so the quality of the smoked meat you will be eating is no longer as healthy as the traditional smoked ones. You save money if you cure and smoke your own meat because you are sure about the ingredients that you use and so you are sure that you are eating a high quality meat product.
What No One Knows About Smokers
It is good to note that people are now coming back to making traditional cured and smoked meat. In the days before refrigeration, the craft, which is about “preservation above all”, was an absolute necessity, and widely practiced and kept alive by artisans all these years. Today, many are interested in trying the craft of curing and smoking meat themselves, especially after long years of eating grocery meat that is pumped full of water and preservatives that they have somehow forgotten what the real taste of meat is like.
What No One Knows About Smokers
The traditional way of making smoked meat is as follows: the meat is selected first, then cured with salt and sugar and let to stand for at least 12 to 14 days after which it is washed and dried for 2 days, then conditioned and dried by bringing it to a meat bench where seasonings like pepper and honey are applied before smoking, cooking, cooling, and storing. It is a great experience to smoke meat at home since you can apply your creativity in making your own traditional recipe from scratch or alter the original recipe to suit your preference. Curing and smoking times are not universal and so it will depend on your meat.

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