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New House in the Country

My husband and I went down to the state of Tennessee and we walked around, looking at all of the different things the different cities had to offer. We knew we wanted to live near a major city but also far away in the country that we could have our own privacy. I thought that the one hour ride wouldn’t be that bad if we wanted to go to the city for shopping, ADT Nashville office visiting, or for good food choices. My husband and I are from the city of New York and we know that we want to live near the culture when we want to get away. Before I knew it, we were looking at houses that were out in the country and they all had views of the gorgeous mountains. I also wanted to have a house near a water source, like a river or a lake.

The houses that were on or near water were so amazing. The people that we met down there were so nice and everything was at a slower pace than what we were both used to. I think that it was great for us to fall in love with a state was going to be able to give us a nice place to retire. My husband said that he did not want to end up in Florida because it was too hot and he did not think that he would enjoy it. I did not think that I would be able to go and find a place that he would also agree to. It could be hard him to find a place that he likes because he is so particular. I do think that it is good that he takes the time to get to know where he wants to go.

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