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Some Old Friends Invited Me to a Party

All of these guys were rich when I knew them and the only thing that has changed is that they all seemed to be divorced and all of them have gotten richer. I figured that Chase was looking for someone to take care of a software problem for him, I have done that before. Of course he is difficult to work for and so I only do freelancing for him. Instead he invited me to a bachelor party for his cousin, who owns a software publishing company and some other stuff as well. Two Latina escorts in Las Vegas actually picked me up when I got there. One of them drove big SUV, the other one told me to get in back and then she jumped me. It was a new experience for me and eventually I realized that someone had gotten their wires crossed. Somewhere along the way they switched places. That was when one of them asked me how rich I really was. Someone had told them I was worth a hundred million dollars. I knew who they thought I was supposed to be, but I was definitely not going to tell them I was not Chase’s cousin.

I did not think that I was going to make it to that bachelor party alive and then I got a great idea, if not an entirely ethical one. I simply told those girls that I was really not in the mood to hang out with a bunch of drunken idiots, that they were way too much fun. I already had a hotel room and so that is where we went. Apparently those girls were paid up for the entire weekend, in fact three days. That seemed like a plan to me. The three of us saw some shows and did some gambling. Now Chase thinks I am a genius, with more colorful adjectives added.

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