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Trying to Figure out What This Project Would Cost

I have just gotten started, we found the house about a week and a half ago and now we are trying to figure out what this project would cost and whether or not it makes any sense for me. I hired a guy to do a house inspection first, a friend of mine who does HVAC repair in Brooklyn is going to come over and tell me what he thinks of the unit that does the cooling there. I can tell that it is going to be a problem at some point, the thing is old and it makes a really scary noise when you turn it on. I suspect that even if it did work, the thing is going to be very inefficient and would probably cost a lot in comparison to a new and efficient HVAC system. For now that is not so big a problem for me, since it has been really cold for a good long time and shall be cold awhile.

I am not sure how much profit there shall be, but the bank is really happy to help us out up to this point. They seem to believe that I shall have no trouble getting a good price for the place and it is going to be easy for me to sell it. I am not so sure of that, but I really hope that it is true. If it all goes the way that I hope then we shall have about ten weekends of work and I shall have to take a week of vacation too. It is not exactly sure that it is going to be that easy, so you can not act as though you are going to have a hard set plan until you get it all on the rails and you know what is what.

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