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I Found a New Roommate

The last one was just way too much drama for me and I was pretty happy when I found out that he was too much for the state of New Jersey as well. As near as I can figure the reason he acted like some sort of meth addict maniac was that he was using and selling that stuff. Apparently it was the sort of thing that he could hide when I first decided to let him be my roommate around eight months ago. He claimed that he was an emergency plumber in Passaic county NJ and I am pretty sure that at some point this was what he was doing, but it seems that he got to where he could not really function because of this stuff that he was doing. If he had paid his rent and stayed out of my face, then I probably would have figured that the drugs were his business.

I was getting ready for the showdown, even though I was dreading it because you just do not know what to expect when you confront a person who is way out on the edge like this guy is. At any rate I realized that very day that all of his stuff was pretty much gone, although he left behind some tools that look like they are fairly valuable. A few days later the sheriff’s deputies came looking for him and they scared me a little since they acted like I might be some sort of felon myself. It is rather scary when you think that these guys may not be entirely in control of themselves. They probably know that this guy is unpredictable and potentially dangerous. I let them in and showed them how he had disappeared and told them about this other guy who apparently wanted some money.

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